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Refurbished / Seconds / Used Honey Spinner Extractors are for sale on this page.

We test the Honey Spinners for sale on this page for conformance in fit and function, but form may not be "as-new." These Honey Spinners may consist of used parts, refurbished parts, production seconds parts, or new unblemished parts; any combination or proportion of those mentioned parts may make up the item that you receive. One certainty is the free filter; a new filter is provided with each Spinner on this page free of charge.

For Honey Spinners for sale on this page and as mentioned previously, some parts may be gleaned from used returns; thus, some discoloration and residue may exist (especially on wood parts) on used parts due to prior use in another extractor. We believe, without proof, that only honey processing activities occurred in used extractors that we receive as returns; though, it is possible for prior owners to put hazardous materials into the extractor.

By purchasing a Honey Spinner on this page, you agree to not hold us liable for adverse health-related issues related to using used extractor parts. Also by purchasing an extractor on this page, you understand risk is associated with purchasing a used food-processing item and accept that risk of your own free will and choice and agree to release us from monetary and physical liability.

All Honey Spinners offered on this page are as-is with no warranty or guarantee. Returns are not allowed. Refunds are not given.

Please only order if "Status" shows "IN STOCK":

USED Honey Spinner ORIGINAL; Status: IN STOCK

USED Honey Spinner MINI; Status: IN STOCK

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